New state, new house and new life

For those of you who didn't know, we have moved to Bremerton, WA. We moved up here because James had the opportunity to open a couple mall kiosks selling ZAGG products. We moved up here 8/13/11 and got settled into a new house. It is way different up here than Utah, first off, no AC in houses unless you own and you paid for an AC unit to be installed. Second, it is really green and there are a ton of trees, everywhere. Even though it is really different up here, we love it. We are all for trying something new and experiencing an adventure. James opens up the kiosk 9/1, he has had a lot to do in order to have everything ready by 9/1 but it's all coming together and looking good for the grand opening. We will definitely post pictures once the kiosk is set up and has all the merchandising on the kiosk.

Here are some pictures of the new place, not everything is put away so there may be some boxes in the pictures but it's getting there.

When we arrived

Living Room

Living room and front door

Kitchen (small fridge ha)

Another shot of the kitchen

Ever see one of these? haha wood burning stove

Master bedroom, haven't put up wall decor yet

Chloe's room, kinda messy

Madden's room / storage room (just until he is born)

Our bathroom

That's about all, it's a pretty small house. We do have a nice fenced in backyard but it needs to be mowed and trimmed up a little so I will post those pictures later.

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  1. I love the new house. you did such a great job at decorating. How does Chloe do in a big girl bed???

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