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We haven't updated the blog for over a year. Here is a recap of what happened from the last time we updated the blog.

We moved to Washington state August of 2011 and lived there until May of 2013. We moved to Washington so that James and his brothers could start up two mall kiosks (ZAGG franchises). The kiosks have been up and running since Sept of 2011. They are doing really well. However, we decided that it was finally time (May 2013) to move back "home" (Utah). We are now living back in St. George. James works full time at Cannibal Cycle as the General Manager, and Brittany works part time at Great Clips as a Cosmetologist. Chloe started pre-school at The Summit and is loving every minute of it. She loves making new friends and learning new things.

This is a really busy time of year for the Hesch family. Thanksgiving was Nov 28, Madden's birthday was Dec 9, Christmas was Dec 25, Chloe's birthday was Dec 28, New Years is Jan 1, and our Anniversary is Jan 9. It is 2-3 months of being really busy. It's almost over!

Here were some highlights:

Madden's Birthday

Madden is two years old. He had a great birthday and loved all of his toys.


The kids loved putting up the tree and getting out all of the Christmas decorations.

Chloe has warmed up to Santa over the last couple of years

Maddens year will be next year

Christmas Lights / Christmas Eve Tradition

We love the tradition of going to look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. There were some really cool looking houses this year.

Christmas Day

The kids loved Christmas Day. We all woke up around 6:00 AM and they got right to work, opening all of their presents.

Chloe's Birthday

Chloe is four years old. She loved the fact that she had "her day", a day that was all about her and she got all of the attention. She had such a great time at Jumping Jacks and at her "party".

We will try to keep the blog up-to-date so that we don't have to do cluttered posts like this but hope we mentioned all of the highlights and didn't miss anything.

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