Broncos vs Chargers -- Divisional Round

This is the third year in a row that the Broncos have been in the playoffs. It has not ended well for them. They have lost in the divisional round every time. This is their year. I am really hoping that they can get to the Super Bowl this year. They need to beat the Chargers tomorrow. If they can pull off a win vs the Chargers then they will play the Patriots in the AFC Championship next week. That will be their biggest game. For some reason the Broncos always choke against the Patriots. It was a very close game during the regular season and will be another really close game if they end up playing them. I just feel like this is their year to make it to the Super Bowl. The last time they won a Super Bowl was in 1998, it is definitely time to win another.

Just in case you missed it last year, here was my reaction when we played the Ravens last year in the divisional round.

I am hoping that this time I won't be yelling in anger and disappointment, but rather in joy and excitement, so they better win tomorrow!

Go Broncos! 

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