Happy Anniversary

Thursday January 9th was our 5 year anniversary. We cannot believe it has been 5 years already. We have been having a blast though. Brittany has been very supportive of me in the last 5 years. She has dropped everything, packed up our house, and moved when we needed to. Early into our marriage, I had the aspirations to be a cop and that required us to move to Northern Utah for the Police Academy. We moved to Northern Utah so that I could start the Police Academy on the next open enrollment. Before enrolling into the Police Academy, I regained my job at ZAGG and had a number of promotions in the matter of a couple of months. While working for ZAGG I was reconnected with the technology industry and business which I have a great passion for. I thought about my career and decided that I wanted to pursue a career in business administration/management. Instead of enrolling into the Police Academy, I enrolled into Utah Valley University and completed a few years in the direction of Business Administration. In 2011, my brother, dad, and I decided to open up a couple of ZAGG mall kiosks and moved to Washington state. We opened up two kiosks and then a third about a year later. I had a blast running the kiosk and co-owning them. However, it came to the point where Brittany and I wanted to be back in Utah. We moved back to St. George, UT jobless with hopes to regain traction in our hometown. Within a month, I was hired at CannibalCycle as the General Manager. I manage the online sales, head the marketing efforts, manage staff, and help improve efficiency and productivity by streamlining processes within the shop and office. In 5 short years, we have moved seven times, changed jobs three times, and moved from state-to-state twice. Brittany has never doubted me and has never complained about what career path I wanted to take and that is what I love about her. Its been a great 5 years. We have two awesome kids and one on the way. We cannot wait for the future ahead of us and what it has in store for us.

I love you Brittany! Happy Anniversary! Here's to the next 35+ years!

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